Placido Bucolo

Placido Bucolo in front of the entrance of Catania University


Placido Buccolo is an associate Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of CATANIA. Professor Bucolo organised a first international congress about Henry Sidgwick in 2007 entitled Happiness and Religion. He is currentely organising a second international congress about Henry Sidgwick : Ethics, Psychics, Politics. The meetings of this congress started on April 7th 2009 to be continued untill spring 2010.

His works include : Alla ricerca dell'eguaglianza : Morris Ginsberg (1968) ; R.M. Hare, un sistema arbitrario? (1973) ; Science and society (1974) ; The Other Pareto (1980) ; L.T. Hobhouse (1984) ; Foxes and Lions (1995) ; Introduzione a Sidgwick (2005).

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